Life After Charlie?

Whilst my first books all featured the ex-cop turned private eye Charlie Sayer, I have always had many other ideas buzzing around.

On this page all those other projects will be explained, outlined and detailed.

What If?


In December 2001 the body of Big Country singer, songwriter and guitarist Stuart Adamson, was found in the Best Western Plaza Hotel, Honolulu. He had committed suicide after apparently consuming a substantial amount of alcohol. He had hung himself and was just forty-three years old.


What always saddens me about suicide is that there is a nagging thought amongst those friends and family who are left behind that maybe, just maybe, it had been preventable. If only someone had talked to the deceased person sooner. This is what lays behind my first ever short story, What If?


It was subsequently reported that shortly before he took his life Adamson had been seen in a local bar. So, what if someone there had spoken to him? And what if that conversation, albeit it in an innocent and probably unknowing way, had caused him to rethink, ?


So inspired by, rather than based on, this random meeting, I have penned a novella entitled What If?


The story is of a chance encounter in a bar between a celebrity on their way down, and a fellow drinker who has no idea who they are talking to.


The “celeb” is, as was Adamson, an alcoholic. They are also a depressive who is having what they have planned to be their last binge before taking their own life, and ending for what them has become a miserable and pointless existence. Surely everyone would be better off without them


Yet a stranger engages them in a conversation during the course of which things are said that will make the potential suicide be reconsidered.


So, what could a total stranger possibly say to create this sea change in that person’s life, and will it actually make a difference.


What if? is the story of that chance encounter, but more it is a story about just how much difference a conversation unencumbered by familiarity can have, and the message is simple, take time to talk.

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What If ?


ISBN - 13 979 - 8638006846

A popular misconception seems to be that, along with fame and fortune, comes contentment. In our modern world many strive to achieve this Shangri La often through the medium of the TV talent show. In reality most are not prepared for fame.

It is also true that when a “celeb” is lost to suicide many people ask, “What reason could they possibly have for killing themselves? They had everything.”

The real truth is that despite achieving wealth and celebrity status, they did not have everything, or at least in their eyes they didn’t.

So, what if you stumbled upon such a person who was on the verge of suicide? What would you say to them? Would they listen?

But what if what you said actually made them stop and think? To reassess their proposed course of action, possibly even change their mind.

“What If” looks at one such random encounter. A chance meeting between an ordinary guy and a “celeb” on the verge of taking their own life, and it explores the brief relationship that developed between these two very different people and the effect it had on the lives of both protagonists.

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Everybody Pays

ISBN - 979 - 8594551220

Forced to witness the murder of his parents on his sixteenth birthday, Logan Fraser sought refuge in the British army just six months later. Ten years later whilst serving in the elite SAS regiment he suffered serious injuries as a result of an IED whilst on active service in Afghanistan and found himself cast aside by the army, the only family he felt he had left.


Now alone and without any real direction in his life, he seeks refuge on the bleak moors of Scotland close to where the bloody battle of Culloden was fought.


Trying desperately to keep a low profile he becomes unwittingly involved in a minor dispute which transforms him from recluse to local hero. Rather than withdraw back into his former life he finds that his life can once again have meaning if he devotes his time to solving the seemingly unsurmountable problems of others.


Thus, begins a new quest for Logan Fraser, the quest of challenging his own demons whilst confronting those of others, and all this is set against the backdrop of an undying need to seek justice for his murdered parents.

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