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No Time to Lose

No Time to Lose is a project that couldn't be further removed from my previous work.

In collaboration with my good friend of over thirty years Stuart Thomson, it tells the story four young men who, in 1972, decided to embark upon a road trip to Spain before settling down to some degree of normality in 1970's Scotland.

But as the reader will come to learn, this is not like any other road trip, nor did it end as intended.

Read more details below and sit back and await publication and hang on for a wild ride.

Two Crazy Young Men, One Crazy New Town, One Crazy New Life

What would you call two men yet to turn twenty, who travel from Glasgow to Spain on a two-week holiday and who, fifty years later are still there? Adventurous perhaps? Or simply crazy?.


But in the summer of 1972, as a fascist Spain is starting to emerge from the grip of the Franco reign, that’s exactly what happened and now, well into their sixties and urged on by a naive but enthusiastic British journalist, the two men decide to tell their story whilst they still have time.


And to make sure they get things just right they invite along a group of friends to jog their fading memories.

Over a long weekend, and in the idyllic setting of a rural villa located south of Barcelona, an eclectic group comes together to share food, drink and memories.

But as the friends share their sometimes, differing versions of the past it’s not only stories of long-established friendships that emerge.

Old wounds are exposed forcing the friends to confront areas of their past that they would have preferred not to re-visit.

No Time to Lose allows us to eavesdrop on those incredible stories and is the fictionalized re-telling of that unforgettable reunion.

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