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No Time to Lose

No Time to Lose is a project that couldn't be further removed from my previous work.

In collaboration with my good friend of over thirty years Stuart Thomson, it tells the story four young men who, in 1972, decided to embark upon a road trip to Spain before settling down to some degree of normality in 1970's Scotland.

But as the reader will come to learn, this is not like any other road trip, nor did it end as intended.

Read more details below and sit back and await publication and hang on for a wild ride.

Setting the Scene


In the summer of 1972 four Glaswegian teenagers decide to embark on a road trip to Spain ahead of finishing their apprenticeships. After taking a wrong turn, they wind up in the coastal resort of Sitges.


Early 1970’s Spain was still gripped in a failing dictatorship and had yet to feel the impact of social change embodied in Timothy Leary’s famous counterculture-era phrase “Turn on, tune in, check out.”

But change was coming, and Sitges, nestled half an hour south of Barcelona, was at the centre of that change.


In 1967 Pacha had opened its first nightclub on the outskirts of the town and it became a haven for fun seeking youth long before anyone had even heard of Ibiza.


Lured by the promise of a more westernized approach to life, Sitges became a haven for the weird and wonderful and sometimes downright dangerous.

And as they descended, new clubs and bars such as Play Boy and Pachito opened everywhere, eager to take advantage.

And with new bars came new characters. Cisco aka Tarzan who had previously driven his “Magic Bus” of hippies bound for the delights of Kathmandu, appeared and opened a bar where he kept his pet wild boar tethered up outside. Franco the one-armed Italian chef joined the fray and along with him came any number of bizarre individuals from all over the globe.


As summer ends, and with home and normality calling, two of the intrepid Scottish travellers decide to remain, intoxicated by a new way of life. Now fifty years later they are still there and keen to tell their story before memories fade.


No Time to Lose is the fictionalised re-telling of that amazing story.

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