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Through this my aim is to both inform and entertain, whether I succeed in either is for you the reader to decide. Whatever the result I hope you will take time to let me know through my "Let's Chat" page.
On the pages of this site you will find some information, both personal and professional, about myslef and my life. You will also learn about those who have influenced me and led me to attempt to entertain through my writing.
On the "My Books" page you will be able to find details about my work and also how my books can be purchased. If you do read any of my work please take time to give me some feedback. Only by receiving reviews can I hope to improve.
I hope you enjoy your time spent on this site and please feel free to contact me with any comments you may have.
Enjoy reading.
Stuart Harvey

“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”

Ernest Hemingway

My Latest Book

Now private eye Charlie Sayer has retired to sunny Spain it is time to introduce a completely different "hero" in the form of Scottish former special forces soldier turned good Samaritan, Logan Fraser.

Follow the link below to find out more. "Everybody Pays" is available from the 30th May 2021.


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