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Welcome to my author's website. 

Through this my aim is to both inform and entertain, whether I succeed in either is for you the reader to decide. Whatever the result I hope you will take time to let me know through my "Let's Chat" page.

On the pages of this site you will find some information, both personal and professional, about myslef and my life. You will also learn about those who have influenced me and led me to attempt to entertain through my writing.

On the "My Books" page you will be able to find details about my work and also how my books can be purchased. If you do read any of my work please take time to give me some feedback. Only by receiving reviews can I hope to improve.

I hope you enjoy your time spent on this site and please feel free to contact me with any comments you may have.

Enjoy reading.

Stuart Harvey
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Two years ago, I wrote a novella What If? inspired by the tragic suicide of Big Country singer Stuart Adamson. Now I have been further inspired by the activities of Three Dads Walking three men who have each lost a child to suicide. These guys have been walking in support of Papyrus, a charity that is dedicated to preventing suicide in young people.

Inspired by these amazing three men, I have decided to do something too. I will be donating all the royalties from future sales of the paperback and hardback editions of What If? to the Papyrus charity.

So please join me in helping the excellent charity that is Papyrus. Follow the What If? link to purchase your copy now, and let’s see how much we can raise.


Thank you.

My Next Book

After four crime novels I have decided to completely change direction with my next book.

The Spanish coastal resort of Sitges has always held a special place in my life being the first holiday destination for myself and my wife Jackie. But it means just as much to many others.

With that in mind my next literary venture will be set amongst the narrow streets and bars of this picturesque and vibrant coastal town and tell the tale of how some intrepid people from the UK made it their home, tracing their journey from the 1970's to the present day. But this will be far from a tale of ex-pats simply making a new life for themselves in the sun.


Far from it. It will tell stories of hard living and tough working in the company of drug dealers, mercenaries on R & R from some of the world's worst conflicts and gun toting Frenchmen, and much much more.

No Time to Lose will be a fictionalised re-telling of the true story of four young men who decide to embark upon one last adventure before settling down to normality in 1970's Britain and end up doing so much more.

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© 2020 by Stuart K Harvey

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